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Online & On-Premise Schedule Refresh

I have a variety of datasets published to the PBI service (that I want to refresh) that contain data from on-premise files as well as files located in a SharePoint list.  I can successfully refresh the data in Desktop, and up until fairly recently, I've been able to schedule the datasets to refresh online. I have the 'Allow user's cloud data.....' box checked in our Gateway Cluster Settings, but I'm still seeing this in the gateway settings for the dataset:




Have there been changes to the gateway that would lead to this issue?  The especially odd thing is that for datasets that I was able to successfully publish and then setup a refresh schedule before this issue arose (like the one depicted above), they continue to refresh without error even though it doesn't look like it is able to get to the SharePoint files.  I can't publish any new datasets with a mashup of cloud and on-premise sources, though.  Any ideas?

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Yes there was a change a little while ago that allows you to have the same source listed multiple times in the same Gateway.  This is important for occurances where different user/pass credentials have different access on that source and you need both.


All you need to do is explicitly state which entry in the gateway you wish to use for each of those sources.  Thats all you need to do.  Just select them from those 3 dropdowns.


Hi @jeffhadley


In Gateway Connection tab, select the on-premises data gateway, map the on-premises data sources used in the dataset to the corresponding data sources defined in Manage Gateways section. You needn't to add the online source to the gateway. After mapping data sources, go to Data Source Credentials section, specify the valid credential for the online data source. 




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Thanks, @v-qiuyu-msft and @Ross73312 . So the issue isn't with the 'X' next to the online source, the issue was needing to map the on-prem sources.  That worked.  I appreciate the assistance!