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OneDrive Refresh Disabled Notifications Going to All Users in a Workspace

We have several QA datasets published through OneDrive to a sandbox workspace. There are roughly 75 users in this workspace. When these QA datasets are no longer needed, we will delete the files from OneDrive. This triggers a notification email that gets sent to every single user stating that OneDrive refresh has been disabled for the dataset. We have not found a way to turn these notifications off, as we don't want to notify every user whenever a QA dataset is removed.

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Hi @cmcnamee


After you delete the files in OneDrive, have you deleted related datasets on Power BI side? If you already deleted these datasets which connects to deleted files in OneDrive, users shouldn't receive the notification email. 


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Qiuyun Yu

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Yes, that is what we've been doing to avoid the notifications altogether. However, when a refresh failure happens for normal reasons, the notification still goes out to every member of hte workspace. I'm just curious why it is sent to everyone instead of just to the owner of the file, admins, etc., like how it works with a dataset refresh failure. Ultimately, it causes a lot of confusion when every user gets a refresh failure notification.