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On-premise Gateway is always offline detected from PBI service side, but always online on its server

Our Power BI Gateway works well originally to refresh some existing data sets. However, since last Friday when I published a new data set and plan to configure its regular refreshing, I just found the Gateway is always offline status,

PBIServiceGatewayOffline - Copy.PNG


but the Gateway is actually online on its server 

PBIGatewayOnline - copy.png


I checked Windows Update on the Server, restarted the Server, and also restarted the PBI Gateway service, and looks the Gateway is always working fine, but the PBI Service side (under any data set now) always detected the Gateway offline status. An odd appearance is that, although the Gateway is detected as offline status from PBI Service side, the existing data sets are still regularly refreshed successfully. Only the newly publiched/uploaded data set cannot be set up regular refreshing because of Gateway's offline on UI.

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Hi @RichardGAO,


Please go to Manage Gateways, check if the same gateway's status is online or offline. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Each time when I open the Manage Gateways page, all data source connections are good,



but after waiting for several minutes, maybe some of then have issue, and after some, they recover connections again.