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On Premise Data Gateway will not connect to DB

I'm trying to connect to a SQL Server, somemthing called like [] with the On Premise Data Gateway. Unfortunately I get this error:


(I've removed the gateway name from the picture)


I am convinced that this is not a credentials issue, otherwise the error message would be something like "Unable to Connect. Details: "Invalid connection credentials""

I'm using the gateway-version 3000.68.15 from December 2020.

Github powerbi-docs Issue#63 points out the problem, but describes that it is solved in the September 2018 release.

I've also looked at this: Troubleshoot gateways - Power BI  but this problem isn't listed there.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time and afford


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You may try the latest on-premises data gateway and take a good look at Add a data source.

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We've upgraded to the latest data gateway version and removed the dns-suffix but the problem still exists. I've read the article and found nothing new.

We have verified that: the user can access the sql server, no firewall blocks the access and that the two servers can ping each other.

The one thing that is different to the article is that we are using the custom port "4230" (the Servername looks like this "foo,4230"), could that be the problem? Looking at this Issue: Failed-to-connect-to-SQL-Server the format for the Servername should be correct.