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October 2020 Desktop Update breaks live connections

After installing the October 2020 update (Version: 2.86.727.0 64-bit (October 2020)) I've now intermittently run into the following error message:

Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 06.29.47.png

No changes in the tenant has been made to my knowledge. Sometimes it has helped if I've openeed a blank file with a new connection to to the dataset (the error happens with multiple datasets) and then re-retry opening a failing report, but not always.


Rolling back to the September 2020 version of Desktop seems to have resolved the issue and the reports with live connections work as before.

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The latest version 2.86.902.0 works fine for me. You may try it.


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Sorry, no joy. Got the same error message with that latest version with a different report and live connection to different dataset. Rolled back to September and it works.

New Member

We've been having this issue as well - it only tosses the error for us when we open direct from file.  If we open new instance of pbi desktop then select the same desktop file it works without issue.  Also no issues with the reports on service, just when connecting in desktop.