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Oauth option missing when providing credentials for odata source on



I have an odata data source created using PowBI desktop with organizational acount authentication choosen. After publishing my dataset to PBI service I'd like to configure my data source for scheduled refresh but after publishing the source cannot be scheduled becuse credentials are not filled:









When trying to edit my credentials, OAuth option is no longer showing so my credentials cannot be entered:









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Hi @araneus,


I used the OData source to connect to the Dynamics CRM, and there was a OAuth2 authentication for us to enter credential. In your scenario, which data source did you use OData connect to? Please share detail steps so that we can try to reproduce the issue.



Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Hi ,


I am also facing the same issue while trying to connect to Dynamics AX Content packs. OAuth2 option is not avaivlable to complete the authentication process. Any help on this?


Thanks in advance!





Steps to reproduce:


1) Start PowerBi desktop

2) Click Get Data -> OData Feed. Odata Feed dialog will appear.

3) Type url of your users endpoint of graph api:[your teanant id]/users?api-version=1.5, press OK

4) Next, choose "Organizational account" as a authentication method and provide your credentials to sign in

5) Continue the wizard, and at the end publish your dataset to your BI service

6) Once published go to power bi web -> settings -> datasets. In data source credentials your data source is listed with warning: Your data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid. Please update your credentials and try again

7) Press "Edit credentials" - you can see that oauth option is missing, only anonymous, widows, basic and key are available


This should be a known issue, which PG is working on. You can check status from here:



Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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I am facing the same issue. When i am trying to connect to schedue refesh for my dataset, it does not show Oauth2 option at all. By connecting with other options,it throws 404 error.


Please help.


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I have recently reproduced it with my custom odata api.

I can successfully connect to it using PowerBI desktop and log in using my Organization Account (Azure AD).


However when i publish my data source and want to configure scheduled refresh, i do not see the OAuth or Organisational account in the list of available authentication methods. I can see Anonymous, Windows, Basic and Marketplace Key.


Please advise what needs to be done to fix the issue.

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Hi, is there any update on this?  I have published a PBIX file that CRM-cloud data but I can't set it up to be scheduled-refresh enabled.