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OKViz Smart Filter not working in desktop application

I created a report in the desktop application a couple of weeks ago which used the OKViz Smart Filter. Everything worked great and I published the report online. Now, the filter does not work in the desktop application and only works online in report mode. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it a limitation with the OKViz Smart Filter? Thanks for the help!

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Hi There

Even i am getting same issue , smart filters not working in desktop application.It was working till yesterday and i did not download any new version yet. Please help .

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We're experiencing the same issue except we're using Power BI Desktop optimized for Report Server, as well as the Power BI Report Server. Smart Filter worked just fine on the October 31st versions of both Desktop and Report Server. A developer on our team upgraded their version of Desktop to the November 17th release version and the visual stopped working there. We then upgraded our Development Report Server to the latest version (December 11th) and sure enough the visual stopped rendering on the server as well. Had no issues with the visual while on the October 31st version, so that leads me to believe something was updated in the core product that made the Smart Filter no longer compatible. 

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Hi all,


The custom visual Smart Filter by OKViz is developed by OKViz. I would suggest you contact the author to update the custom version. You can send a message to as suggested here: 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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The OKViz Smart Filter worked as designed with the October 31st release. There was some kind of hotfix to Power BI Report Server on November 17th. The OKViz Smart Filter no longer works on Power BI Report Server. Yet it's up to OKViz to fix their visual? 


Don't get me wrong, I completely understand there is an inherent risk of using custom visuals. However, Power BI Report Server is marketed as being compatible with custom visuals. The visual was working as-designed with the October 31st version of the product. The Smart Filter is a fan-favorite with our customer. A Microsoft update caused the visual to break. I don't see how the onus should be on OKViz to fix this. Had we known the latest updates to PBI Report Server would break the visual we would not have upgraded our servers. Now we have a frustrated client because they can no longer use the slick Smart Filter they had been using for months.


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The issue seems related to the fact that Smart Filter uses the latest APIs available, while Power BI Desktop for Report Server doesn't support them.

A workaround is to download a previous version of the visual from the OKViz website (you must choose BETA beacuse otherwise Power BI will upgrade it automatically to the last version in the Store).


In the next weeks we will try to recompile a new version using the oldest API version possible, but of course, this limits the introduction of new features :(.