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OData Feed - Failed to update data source credentials

I create a report on Power BI Desktop with a Project Online Odata feed as data source.

I can connect and update from PBI Desktop without any problems.


However, when i publish it to Power BI, and go to Schedule Refresh, i get this error under Data Source Credentials:


When i try to edit the credentials, i set to OAuth2 and enter the correct credentials but i got the error below:



 I'm pretty sute that the correct authentication method to Odata feed is OAuth2, but i tried the other methods and got the same error


 I'm not able to update the credentials in any situation. I've tryied to republish the reports, create a new one from scratch but i got always the same situation.


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I still got the error, but i have a new information about:
The problem only happens to Project Online OData feed. Any other OData feed will work.




If i query this URL[...] (Project Online OData, to query project information) i get the error "Failed to update data source credentials" on the Power BI service.


If i query this URL[...] (Odata to query Sharepoint Lists) i'm able to update the credentials without erros on Power BI service.


I believe it's a bug that is happening after the November 26th update in the PBI service, that updated the OData connector.


Can someone please advise?


Hi @aletyska,


Please try to use Chrome or Edge to see if the same issue happens.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu


Hi @v-qiuyu-msft, thanks for the reply.


Yes, i've already attempted on Chrome, Edge, IE and still doesn't work.


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I have the exact same issue.  OData from the same PWA sharepoint (for a list) works fine, it's specifically the project online data..  Where it says "Failed to update source credentials".

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I also have exactly the same issue specifically with project online. It started after the November update. The strange thing is, I am able to update all datasets that were created prior. The ones that fail also show multiple authentication lines in the dialog, as seen in the screenshot of the orignal post.

This should be a known issue, please check status from here:




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for the update  @v-qiuyu-msft, i'll be monitoring the issue.




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This issue is not listed as known issue anymore but the issue is still there. 


This issue exists since end of November 2016. Most already existing reports work. All new published reports show this issue with 3 ODATA sources instead of one and the "fail toupdate credentials". 


This was also already reprduced in the internal PowerBI and Project Online Testtenant, at least at the German Power BI Support. 


Its beyond my understanding why such an issue which impacts ALL ProjectOnline User which use PowerBI needs so long to fix and why this major issue is not listed on the support side as known issue with daily updates what the status is


The issue no longer appears at but is still happening! It is not solved for me!