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ODBC: SUCCESS_WITH_INFO [01004] [NetSuite][ODBC 64bit driver][OpenAccess]Data truncated


trying to user the Netsuite ODBC connector for Power BI Desktop and keep receiving this error, is there a setting that can be changed? how can i work around this error?



DataSource.Error: ODBC: SUCCESS_WITH_INFO [01004] [NetSuite][ODBC 64bit driver][OpenAccess]Data truncated

Status: Needs Info

Hi @crichards,


1. Please check if any detail error message logged in desktop trace log files? 

2. As you create a DSN in ODBC driver, please try to check if you can get data via ODBC in Excel file as well. 

3. Please try to run the latest Power BI desktop version 2.55.5010.521


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Status changed to: Needs Info
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thanks Qiunyun, i have tried the ODBC through MS Access and and has simular issue. can get it to work if i filter the table that is being read before it gets used.. have reported to Netsuite and it is a Known issue.


have installed the latest version 02Feb2018 for Desktop.


think my option is to create an SQL query on the Data Source to filter on EVENT_ID !="", just trying to get my head around how to address the the table in NetSuite.




Hi @crichards,


From your description, it seems not only the issue happens on Power BI side. The issue should be related to Netsuit ODBC driver. I would suggest you contact Netsuit to update driver. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Correct Qiuyun, It is a driver issue that NetSuite is in no hurry to fix.