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Number formatting changes after Power BI Update March 2021

  1.  If you want to display a negative value in brackets (parentheses), as most accountants and financial people do, you have two choices.
  2.  You can create a format, e.g. £ ##,##0; (£ ##,##0); or you can use the DAX Format command.
  3. DAX Format turns the number into text which causes other problems, so we have chosen to create a format.
  4. After the March 2021 update, our formats were corrupted and turned into something like \£\#\#\,\# etc.

  5. Does anyone know why this happens and how can I prevent it? Using DAX Format is not an option.
  6. Also why doesn't Microsoft just provide the alternative format type?

    Thank you,


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I tried the latest version to create a report and it seems to work fine for me.