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November Gateway Update cannot connect to some Data Sources

Hi all,



I have updated one of our Gateways that had no problem before connecting to an ODBC data source (based on a Firebird database) with the November 2017 update. Now I am unable to create the datasource in the service on the Gateway. I get the following error:image.png







When I click on Show Details, I gete the following:image.png



The issue seems to be linked to the new "Gateway Clusters" feature now available in the November update, but I am not sure why. I did not add my Gateway to any clusters (I have used the Powersheel scripts to verify this). I have another getway with the same ODBC connection (to a different database) running an older version of the Gateway, and it works fine. 


I want to downgrade to an older version of the Gateway software, but this appears not to be possible (unless someone can tell me how), at least until Microsoft resolve this!


Has anybody else experienced this.

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Hi @ClintonSaunders,


The same issue already reported internally: CRI 53296076. I will update here once I get any information.


Best Regards,

Qiuyun Yu

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