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November 2019 AI Transforms Preview Key Phrases duplicates rows

Not sure where to post this, so here will do for now!


The new AI Transforms service in the desktop Power Query seems to work well, but there's a problem with Key Phrases whereby it not only creates a comma separated list of key phrases on the row you want to assess, but also creates a row for each key phrase, duplicating each line depending on the number of key phrases identified - easy enough to get around with a remove column and de-dupe the remaining data, but it doesn't have this behaviour in DataFlows, and it's not (necessarily) the desired behaviour.

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Hi @damouk


It looks like the issue happens in Power BI desktop, right?

Would you please share some screenshots or a video so we can understand the issue better? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Hi Yes, the preview feature in the November 2019 Desktop release. I appreciate this is a preview, so I'm feeding back on this problem. As shown in my image, the "Extract key phrases.KeyPhrase" column is auto-generated and results in every row being duplicated by the number of key phrases found. Whilst I sometimes want to perform this action, I'd prefer to be able to control that myself rather than now have to delete that column, de-dupe the table, etc.




On a related note, I also notice that the extract language option creates 2 columns, one for the language and one for the iso code, without the ability to control which column is returned.


Thanks for your attention.


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