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November 2018 Update Relative Date filtering Problem / Bug

Since the November update, when I try to use the 'relative date filtering', Power BI doesn't work properly. For example in the attached, I'm showing Sales per Month. I want the table to only show 2018 data. If I apply a relative filtering, the table is cleared and no data shown. 

Before Applying filter.JPGAfter Applying filter.JPGAfter Applying filter 2.JPG

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Power BI Team

We just released an update with the fix. Download new version of Desktop from the Windows Store or Download Center.

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@AlexGorevI have the same problem both in the Desktop version and in the SERVICE, using the latest November version. 

Thanks for your help


@Nikitas10 @ajimenez,

Do you use the specific version(2.64.5285.701 ) of Power BI Desktop? I am unable to reproduce this issue on my side. Could you please share a PBIX file containing dummy data here?

And you can test my PBIX file in your Desktop.


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I can confirm that I experienced this bug in the earliest November 2018 release, and I can also confirm that it is resolved in the December 2018 release. Smiley Happy

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