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Not so good quality of native GCP Biqquery connector - A Big issue occurs

On my company we find ourselves a little alone facing the problems of the native bigquery connector

Microsoft and Simba (seems to be the subcontractor) do not seem in a hurry to correct them

For a year we have been facing 4/5 problems


- Desktop and service: Some rows disappear on tables after models refreshes without warning pop-up or dataset refresh history log

  : Severity  5/5   -  issue Looks sounds  like  "bits"  limit - bad reliability 


- Desktop: Power query does not recognize columns whose name is similar to that of the SQL table

Gavity 2/5 - Power query issue   

Workaround : rename the column name


- Desktop: issue (a crash popup)  after close and applying when you left merge table 2 on nullable mode  column

<--- root cause: sending SQL folding to BQ (SQL92 format) is not recognized by GCP

(limitation on BQ side)  : Severity 2/5


- Desktop: Power query doesn' t unnest record type fields like the console does

Gravity 2/5 - Workaround : Unnest via a BQ view



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Same nightmare on my side ...rows missing on table model  some time wihout messages 

Community Support



A similar refresh issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned.

CRI 250914745


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