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Not being able to correctly export report to PPT :(

Hello All,


Ever since early March, I have generated several reports from Power BI Serivce into PowerPoint and every time I open the PowerPoint files, the reports are blank (minus the title slide) and then PowerPoint crashes.



• I can only open 1 report and run in its entirety after downloading is complete into PowerPoint.
• For all other reports I run, when PowerPoint is ready for download, I click to open it and only the first slide has generated, remaining slides are blank and then PowerPoint crashes.
• But if I choose to export only one page at a time, when PowerPoint is ready for download, I click to open it and it opens normally. Since I need multiple slides from within the same presentation deck, exporting one slide at a time is not efficient.


Any ideas how to fix the issue? The visuals are all certified and each report is no longer than 30 slides.

Help would be greatly appreciated!




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I have tested on my side, but not reproduce this problem.

could you try it with another browser?

and if possible, could you please share this pbix file for us have a test? that will be a great help.