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Not able to change date filter type on Power BI service

Hi team,


End users reported that they are not able to change a date filter type since beginning of last week.


Date filter is set in PBI Desktop to relative "in the last 1 day" to display the data for the previous day by default:

filter ko 1.png

On the service end users were able to change filter type to "advanced" or "basic" in order to display data for any period of time but this feature has disapeared:

filter ko 2.png


Can you please check?

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It appears that if you edit the report in the Power BI Service you can determine what the user will see in the Reading view mode. For example, if you change the filter to Advanced in the Edit view and save the report your users will see Advanced filter in the Reading view mode.


While the new filter experience is more streamlined, regular users are complaining about the lack of functionality. Especially not being able to switch between Basic or Advanced depending on their needs. The previous filtering experience was superior.


@gstuart  We were aware of that already. You can actually do that in Power BI Desktop and publish the report with the same end result. The unfortunate part is that the user still cannot choose something different. Let's say I had a date field and I chose advanced and published the report. The user then opens it and wants to see the data for the last 5 months including today... they cannot change the filter to relative, so now they have to figure out the actual date they need in order to do a, "is on or after" filter that's built into the advanced filter. Point is, the user needs the ability to switch between basic, advanced and relative.

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I reached out to support and they came back with this reply.


---- From Power Bi Suport ----


We have received an update from the product team and they have identified this as a known issue.


They have found a workaround for this issue and also provided an ETA for the fix to be rolled out.

There are two options to workaround this issue. Option 1: Users can edit the report in the service and in that mode switch between basic and advanced filtering on the filter Option 2: Users can add both types of filters (basic and advanced) for the filters they desire to have both basic and advanced functionality in desktop to the report. Then republish this report to the service

Fix Status:
Fix is planned in April release train which is planned to be deployed in production in all clusters by 4/8.

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I've also had this reported by users, hopefully this will be fixed soon

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Thanks @boujin for the update.

Waiting for fix delivery, option 2 seems to be an acceptable temporary workaround.


Has anyone confirmed if the fix was done in April?  I'm still seeing this issue on reports in our tenant.

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This does not seem to be fixed as of now. Is there a new ETA?

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Hi team,

not seem to be fixed ?

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Hi all,


Seems to be fixed on my side, I am now able to change filter type: