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Not able to Export underlying data

Trying to export underlying data from table visual in a PowerBI report shows up the following error:

"Error exporting data Sorry, we couldn't export your visual data right now. Please try again later"

However, it is possible to export 

1. underlying data from other visuals in the same report

2. summarized data from the table which shows the error mentioned above while trying to export underlying report

3. underlying data from a similar visual in an other report, which is a superset of the one being explained

4. underlying data from the visual in the PowerBI desktop file of the report (sampling occurs here)

Also, there is no setting that restricts data export here.

I would like to have suggestions on troubleshooting this. 

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Community Support Team

Hi @BalaAbirami,


Please refer to the limitations here. These two below could be the cause.

>>>Export using Underlying data will not work if the data source is an Analysis Services live connection and the version is older than 2016 and the tables in the model do not have a unique key.

>>>Export using Underlying data will not work if the Show items with no data option is enabled for the visualization being exported.


Best Regards,


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Status changed to: Needs Info

I too am experiencing this issue, as well as our clients. I've tried different browsers and made sure the specified limitations are not a factor. Is there any other guidance that can be offered? We arent exactly sure what to say to our clients who are reporting this. 

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We have a visualization for which underlying data export is needed.  When we do this, DAX Studio is showing us that the query generated consists of an insane amount of nested NOT(ISEMPTY(GENERATE(KEEPFILTERS functions separated by OR, including NOT(ISBLANK( functions almost like a cartesian cross-join of everything in the underlying SSRS tables.  The query is hitting memory thresholds and timing out.


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I have a similar issues exporting underlying data even when I limit the dataset to be exported. Is there are fix or strategy to address this?