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No session exists for database with ID

I have a issue with all my reports that are connected to power bi service datasets.
If I start from blank with PBI desktop everything is fine. BUT when I download existing pbix file from service which is connected to powerbi dataset and try to open it with PBI desktop I get he error message "No session exists for database with ID: xxxxxxx".

This error completely prevents the pbix file opening.


I'm using the latest powerbi desktop version installed from MS Store.

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Hi @Tonip


Please ensure the connected dataset does exist in Power BI service and you have build permission on it. 


Please open the same report in Power BI service, check if report data display fine. Then download pbix file, open the Power BI desktop from Microsoft Store, click on File -> Open to open the downloaded pbix file, check if the same issue occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft ,

Thank you for your comment!

However the same issue occurs when trying to open pbix-file from PBI desktop -->Open file AND when trying to open file by douple clicking pbix file.

I think this is now something to do with the latest update?
In other threads users have been able to open with earlier version.

However I'm not so willing to advise customers to install earlier versions.



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I've the same issue on my side. Even after I uninstalled and install powerbi again

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I've the same problem. 

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Hi all, 


May I know your Power BI desktop version?


I tested with the Power BI desktop version 2.78.5740.861 64-bit (February 2020) downloaded from Download site and version 2.79.5768.421 64-bit (March 2020) installed from Microsoft Store, it's able to open the pbix file which connects to the Power BI dataset. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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I found a work around : create a new pbi using the same dataset as the one used in the file you cannot open. They will open afterwards.

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I tried to open the .pibx from another computer and it worked.  Still, on my computer I keep receiving the error message:  "No session exists for database with ID: xxxxx".

Then I checked the Power BI Desktop installed on the other computer. It is:    2.74 (December 2019).

On my computer i have:  2.78.5740.981 64-bit (February 2020).


The problem seems to be the app version.  Unfortunately I don't have an older version. I hope that Microsoft will fix this issue soon.



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Has anyone found solution to this? I am struggling to open today one of the powerbi desktop dashboards that are live connected to data model published in powerbi service. Out of nowhere I am getting exactly the same error. The service version of the report is working fine though, I tried downloading the online/service version as pbi file but after downloading it it wont open/comes up with same error when I am tryin to open it via powerbid desktop.


It is after I updated powerbi to  Version: 2.78.5740.861 64-bit (February 2020).. I noticed today a new version has been posted on powerbi website - March 2020. I wonder if anyone tried downloading that and if that helped?


Let me know.



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yes I found a solution I posted above :


create a new pbi using the same dataset as the one used in the file you cannot open. They will open afterwards.

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@twailly im sorry but I am still new to PowerBI and I am struggling to understand what do you mean by "create a new pbi using the same dataset as the one used in the file you cannot open". Woulb you be able to explain?