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No session exists for database with ID

I have a issue with all my reports that are connected to power bi service datasets.
If I start from blank with PBI desktop everything is fine. BUT when I download existing pbix file from service which is connected to powerbi dataset and try to open it with PBI desktop I get he error message "No session exists for database with ID: xxxxxxx".

This error completely prevents the pbix file opening.


I'm using the latest powerbi desktop version installed from MS Store.

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Hi all,


It seems that the problem is with Version 2.78.5740.981 64-bit (Feb 2020) which is installed from MS Store. 
2.79.5768.421 64-bit (March 2020) version is not available for me in Store yet so I cannot test it.

In my other computer I have version December 2019 which is working fine as mentioned above.


The problem is that in my primary computer as well as many of our customers do not have admin rights to install programs to their coomputers and therefore MS Store version is the only possibility. It's also great that from Store the program is updating automatically in background.


It is good that we have a work arounds (different version or Solution founded by @twailly) for urgent needs.


Anyway hopefully the new version will be available in MS Store as soon as possible (if it fixes this)!!!

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@mbieniasz, create a new file in powerbi desktop and get data from the dataset (the one used in the files that you cannot open).

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@twailly, I tried that and it did not work. I used two differrent zip utilities to control for differnece in the compression process to no avail. 

I was able to create a copy of the file in the Service but it contains the entire model. If I could change that data source to point to the service that would be great. Can't do that though.

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I got the latest version from MS Store yesterday (Version: 2.79.5768.721 64-bit (March 2020))... No changes to this issue 😞

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When you create a copy in Service open it in desktop

1. Go to query editor and remove all tables

2. If you have any additional tables added by DAX code in desktop, remove those as well. So you have a desktop file with visualizations but no data at all

3. When you have removed data tables you can connect to Power BI datasets again


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*GROOOoooaaann". I knew that. I have done it before and totally forgot about it. 😖




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We faced same issue recently. There are two ways to fix it:


1) Update PBID to the latest version. Now it is 2.79.5768.1082 64-bit (March 2020)


2) Open your PBIX report in WinRar (or any other archiving app) and remove connection string from Connections file. It may look like {"Version":2,"Connections":[]} after that. Remove file SecurityBindings.

That's all, now you can open it in PBID and re-connect to any dataset you want.