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No DirectQuery option in March 2019 Powerbi Desktop update

If I connect data with direct query mode and later on I go-to query editor,

its showing only "Import Mode" and "Direct query" mode is disabled(grayout). Is there anyone else who is facing this issue?

Inshort, problem is that if i have to alter query after initially added in direct query mode; the data is importing insted of direct query. 

P.S: I am using SAP HANA data base for direct query.

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@kulchandra ,

Would you please share a screenshot here? By default, when you connect to SAP Hana using DirectQuery mode in Power BI Desktop, the behavior will be similar to when Power BI connects to other multi-dimensional sources like SAP Business Warehouse, or Analysis Services. It is not possible to use query editor in this case.

To use Query Editor in DirectQuery mode over SAP Hana, you would need to enable the following option.


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Hi @v-yuezhe-msft , Thank you for having look on my issue. I have described my issue more clearly in below screenshot. Please have a look and if posssible do test with SAP hana DB.


Direct query Disabled.jpg

IF possible Please test: a direct query file in older version and open the same file in newer version and change the entire query with another query. You will get the same issue i am facing your data will be imported insted of direcrt query