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No Chart Values if DAX format?

Storred in an other table (Costs_Matrix), I would like to select in a slicer a measure to display. For example if I would like to see measure "CHF", then I just have to select this on my Slicer. This is working absolutly fine. Issue comes later:


Value =

VAR MySelection =




TRUE ();

MySelection = "CHF"; ([PC_CHF]);

MySelection = "CHF per Drop"; ([PC_CHFperDrop]);

MySelection = "CHF per HL"; ([PC_CHFperHL]);

MySelection = "CHF per Ton"; ([PC_CHFperTons]);

MySelection = "Drops"; [PC_Drops];

MySelection = "Tons"; ([PC_Tons]);

MySelection = "HL"; ([PC_CHFperDrop]);




As far as good. Now I would like to change the Format in the chart / table automatically. Means, if I select "CHF" I would like to have the numers (data's from Measure PC_CHF) as currency. If select Drops (data's from Measure PC_Drops), I don't want to see decimals. So I tought this should be very easy, that's what I tried:


MySelection = "CHF"; Format([PC_CHF];”Currency”);

MySelection = "Drops"; Format([PC_Drops];”#”);



Unfortunatelli this is not working in any type of chart. Yes it is working in tables, but this is not what I need. I have the feeling that this has in general something to do with FORMAT, no more the rest of the formula.
Do you have any explenations / solutions there for?


Would be great to here from someone of you
Thanks a lot in advance

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Hi @itnesh,


What's the return value of this measure? I guess it's a non-numeric value. That's why we can't add it in other visuals other than Table. I would suggest you create an idea here for a more functional format conversion.


Best Regards,


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Hi @v-jiascu-msft


Exactly this will be to problem.

But does nobody else would like to change format if filtering?



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Hi @itnesh,


I´m actually struggling with a problem very similar to yours (my post). So you´re actually not the only one facing this issue. Unfortunatelly it doesn´t seem that there is a proper solution for that at the moment...




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Any update on this topic?