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New filter pane popup will not disappear



Have an issue with the August 2019 version of PBI desktop, in that the "Introducing the new filter pane" pop up appears every single time that I open up an existing file, regardless of how many times I close it, uncheck the "turn on the new filter pane" box and click got it, the "turn on the new filter pane in existing reports" option in global settings is off, everything for an individual file in relation to the new filter experience is off, and yet it still persists on appearing. Every single time.


I have no intention of activating the new experience until it is absolutely forced on us (which is hopefully never) as our users dislike change (have already had complaints from users on the similar issue CRI 139411628 whereby updating apps tries to change to the new navigation style by stealth, and they have no idea what is going on), please can this be resolved?

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Hi @jthomson


Based on my test, if we turn off new filter feature in global settings within Power BI desktop, we need to close the new filter pane dialog when we open the report manually. 


The issue CRI 139411628 reported internally is about New Navigation Builder for an app, which is different from the New filter pane feature. You can go through this document to decide if you want to use new filter pane feature:


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Qiuyun Yu 

New Contributor

That response is confusing the hell out of me - so you're saying that me having "new filter pane - off" as a global setting is effectively disregarded and PBI Desktop is going to ask me every single time to turn it on until I choose to do so (which will likely be never)? Can you not add a "do not display this message again" checkbox to the dialog please?


The link you list is also irrelevant, I have already decided if I want to use the new filter pane, it just gives me a list of ways to activate it, but nothing about what to do if I don't want to do so


Is anyone following up on this question?  As OP stated, the answer given by the moderator doesn't address the question being asked.  I too would like to turn of this annoying feature.