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New filter experience bug/issue

In Power BI service, on the new filter experience pane :

PowerBI New filter issue.png


The text of the filtering fields is not visible.

Keep up the good work though Smiley Happy


Status: Needs Info


Do you publish the report from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service? Do you custom the formatting in the filter pane in Power BI Desktop? And when do you get the invisible text in Power BI Service?

If you get this issue after publishing PBIX file to Power BI Service, please update your Power BI Desktop to latest version(2.66.5376.1681).


Status changed to: Needs Info

Hey Lydia,


- I do publish the report from a .pbix file which is in a sharepoint folder.
- The filter pane/cards are not modified.
- I have the version of february 2019 (2.66.5376.1681 64-bit).


The filter disappear like this : 

 1. First time opening the report on Service, the filters in the filter pane appear correctly.

 2a. After opening a different page of the report --> page filters disappear

 2b. After clicking on a bookmark button (which affects the filters in the filter pane) --> report filters disappearimage.pngWhen changing page and coming backimage.pngWhen filtering with bookmarks



--> The number of items in the lists are correct, they are just empty and unclickable. 


Hopefully this answers the questions,


Best regards





@RémiDubois ,

I am not able to reproduce this issue on my side. When I switch between report pages and use bookmark to change report page, new filter are visible. What is your Power BI Service version?



Hey Lydia,

The problem seems to have solved itself.
I took some time to respond just to make sure it wouldn't come back but it seems fine.


Thanks for you support,