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New field list preview feature: Not respecting Display Folders for columns

Hi team, not sure if this is related to the New field list preview feature.

Recently seeing that in Report and Data Views, columns defined in Display Folders are being ignored. Meaures remain in Display Folders.

Left: Model view
Right: Report view


Status: New

Forgot to add version: Version: 2.91.383.0 64-bit (March 2021)

Community Support

Hi @samnseir ,

Based on my test, it seems the version issue not the feature issue.

I have noticed that you are the employee of microsoft, so you can get the beta version from microsoft store such as March 2021 version of power bi desktop, the public official version of power bi desktop is Feb 2021(2.90.782.0)

When I test it on Mar 2021 version, I could reproduce it based on your description whether I enable this preview feature or not:



When I test it on Feb 2021 version, it works fine whether the preview feature is enabled or not:



In conclusion, you can use the Feb 2021 version of power bi desktop to avoid this beacause the Mar 2021 version is a beta version not a public version which would have some issues.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li