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New app navigation builder does not apply my default custom bookmark

New navigation builder forces report's landing page to be its first page. No default page, and no default custom bookmark page is applied.

Let me explain :


Usual behavior :

My Power BI application is configured, so that when a user enters the app, he lands to a specific report's default page (the one that was active when I recorded the report - usually the first page).

When the user sets a custom bookmark on a specific page of a this report, and tags it as default custom bookmark, he lands to this page when he opens the app.


New behavior :

BUT if I enable then new navigation builder, the user is always directed to the first page, not the report's default page.

If he recorded a default custom bookmark for this report, the bookmark's page is not loaded when entering the report. The default custom bookmark's filters however, are correctly applied.


This seems like a bug to me, what do you think ?

Status: New
Community Support Team



You may check Considerations for using the new navigation builder option and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.