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New Power BI Pro Government user. Power BI Desktop doesn't recognize my login.

Added Power BI Pro for Government to my agency's Office 365 account and followed the welcome to Power BI email directions and connected with Power BI Service for Government,  Added the Office 365 Adoption Preview and am getting familiar with Power BI as I have never had a Power BI account before.

I am the Power BI admin and a Power BI Pro user.


I downloaded and installed Power BI Desktop from the Power BI Pro for Government console from --> downloads --> Power BI Desktop.  Confirmed Version: 2.56.5023.942 64-bit (March, 2018) installed.

When I click on the "Sign In" button I get a message that "Sign up for a Power BI account.  You don't seem to have an account for Power BI.  Please click the button to sign up."


How do I connect to our Power BI Government service through Power BI Desktop? 

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Hi @robert_reid_99,


Please check if you input the right account name. If you want to publish report to the Service, you can Get data from the Service as a workaround. I would suggest you file a support ticket here. It's free if you have a Pro account.

create ATicket


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We have the same issue here in our network. we have added all the exceptions requested in the articles for USGov accounts.   Power BI Pro for GCC. can anyone supply some assistance on the onboarding for this licensing? I know there is a FastTrack service that helps but I find it hard to believe that this licenses don't work out of the box.


I can sign in with my GOV account on the web but not on the desktop power BI app.


Whenever I sign into the POwer BI Desktop it says: SIGN UP FOR A POWER BI ACCOUNT:

You don't seem to have an account for Power BI. Please click the button to sign up.


for a moment I thought it was because I had just assigned the license but I don't think so any more as I have assigned the license way over 2 hrs already.


I am currently unable to open up a support ticket with my company email account as there is not an option just the option to come here the support page keeps sending me to the commercial sign on page which does not like my GOV account.


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Power BI is now open for Government you gotta ask your Account Manager to move you from Commercial to US GOV.