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New Power BI Desktop interface keeps freezing - HELP

Hello, since the new ribbon interface was rolled out, my Power BI Desktop Pro is completely unresponsive and keeps freezing. I cannot minimise, maximise, or move the window at all. The ribbon is completely unresponsive. Occassionally, it will randomly unfreeze, only to re-freeze. This is affecting all my reports. I cannot get any work done. This is an issue with PowerBI and not my system, I have the latest Core i7 with 32Gb of system memory on Windows 10. All my other apps are fine. It was working fine before the new interface was rolled out. Any help would be appreciated, particularly on how I can roll this back to the previous version.


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Freezing for me too - please fix, we have lots of work to do.........

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@CJ_Gustafson   Did you try the new release that just went up mentioned by @AlexGorev ?

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Thanks, @Anonymous 


Checking - didn't see his note till just now...

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Thank you @AlexGorev. Its working fine now.

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Thank you, @AlexGorev and @Anonymous - working well for me!

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Yup, 2 days straight now using the new build and no freezing.  Thanks Power BI team!

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I also decided to uninstall the March release and install February.  What is interesting, with February release everything runs much faster.  

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Hi All,


I downloaded and install Power BI Desktop through Microsoft Store, which eliminated all the lock ups.


hope this helps.

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@AlexGorev I've tried uninstalling the Power BI (version 2.79.5774.0) and installing the latest version (2.80.5808.0) but I still have this issue. I open up the program and it's okay. Then I select my pbix file (doesn't matter which one) and it opens up and works for 10 seconds, then it says Power Bi is not responding (without me doing anything) then it freezes. I can't move the mouse or do anything at all. This happens even if Power Bi is the only program running. It's been a few days now and I'm super frustrated. I'm hoping I can get this issue resolved before my next meeting.

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@teneilkw I'm on the latest version and it still gives me issues, but much less than before. Try the February release (links further up this thread), it gave me no issues with freezing at all.