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New Power BI Desktop interface keeps freezing - HELP

Hello, since the new ribbon interface was rolled out, my Power BI Desktop Pro is completely unresponsive and keeps freezing. I cannot minimise, maximise, or move the window at all. The ribbon is completely unresponsive. Occassionally, it will randomly unfreeze, only to re-freeze. This is affecting all my reports. I cannot get any work done. This is an issue with PowerBI and not my system, I have the latest Core i7 with 32Gb of system memory on Windows 10. All my other apps are fine. It was working fine before the new interface was rolled out. Any help would be appreciated, particularly on how I can roll this back to the previous version.


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Thanks @zelroberic ! That workaround has helped.


Hopefully MC can get this issue fixed soon

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Had same issue, previous release corrected my issue.

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@chross I have not opened an incident. Have you opened one?  Do they need any additional information?

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@alwweb Yes I had one of the guys I work with in IT, who happens to be one of our O365 Administrators, open the ticket on behalf of our Power BI team.  The more users on this issue thread that open a ticket, the better, so they see the serious of what is going on and how much time we have all wasted due to the constant freezing, etc.  They really need test their releases better before rolling out to the user!!!


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Come on.....This happens every 10 mins, now when I just open the file, the interface freezes right away......
Why release such an unstable version.....? Pervious version worked way more better!!!
Do you PBI know we have deadlines......?😑

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I'm having the same issues.  How do I open a ticket too? I went back to the old ribbon like others have suggested in the meantime.

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I have to use the task manager and the end the task about every 30 minutes when working on a file. This is pretty frustrating, hope Microsoft figures this out soon as my company's leadership is starting to question the stability of their PBI reports!!!

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I am experiencing the same issue and it also is affecting my entire desktop. Is there a fix for this?  I'be tried uninstalling and reinstalling PowerBI Desktop and I am still having the same issue. 

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Hi JbartonRFR,

Have you tried going into options Preview Features and un-checking Updated Ribbon. I did that an it solved the freezing problem and it went back to the old ribbon after restarting the program. There is also a problem with the old ribbon not being responsive. That issue is solved by clicking outside the program on the desktop and then clicking on the ribbon again.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Rob,


I tried this and am still experiencing the same issues. It is EOM and the worse possible time to be having these issues. I appreciate the help.