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New Filter Experience at Visual Level is not hiding.

I enabled the new filter experience in my report and I love it, however, when I go through and hide the filters for a visual it does not save. I have tried several times to get this to work, but it doesn't. After the file is closed and reopened, all filters are visible again. When I hide and then publish the report, the filters are visible when the visual is selected.  It confuses the user when they filters show. They are selecting data not realizing they are only affecting that visual.  Is there a fix for this issue?

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I failed to mention which version of Power BI I have.  I have Power BI Desktop Version: 2.68.5432.661

Community Support Team

Hi @Tangi12 ,


Controlling the visibility of New filters pane only works in Power BI Service. That is to say, when you hide the the whole filters pane or specific field on visual level filter, filters are still available in desktop version. Please see below screenshots in my test, I used desktop Version: 2.68.5432.841 64-bit (April 2019)



In your scenario, please update your desktop to the latest release.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

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