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New App Experience - Unable to 'Save a copy'

After updating an App with the new experience, users can't 'Save a copy' of the reports in the App.


This is with 'Allow people to build content with the datasets on this app.' setting enabled.






Status: Delivered

Hi All,


Update on September 27th.

We got the feedback from PG team:


“For save a report, can following two be workarounds for this -

#1: Share the access to the workspace to the needed users, and allow them to save a copy from the workspace directly.
#2: Create a workspace which will contain the copies of the reports, and have users save a copy of the needed report. The original report will reside on other workspace.”



“Please assure your customers know that we are working on the feature, however it would take time to fully bake in the functionality again into the experience

Also, please inform the customers that there is no way for us to immediately roll back this feature for a single tenant.”



Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @dmead ,


We have reported your issue and have submitted to internal icm 332818701  , engineers are doing their best to fix this issue .

Please be patient and I will give you feedback here once there is any progress. 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn


Regular Visitor

Hi @v-caitlyn-mstf 


Are there any anticipated updates on this issue? We have a number of reports now unavailable to users that are quite imporant. Any update would be greatly appreciated so we can set expectations and also explain why this has happened.



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Also, is this 100 hundred user limit in place because it is a preview feature? This limit will be no good in a large organisation

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Thanks @v-caitlyn-mstf - for this issue we don't have > 100 users. We are testing for one user and still don't see the 'Save a copy' option.


Is this all related to the same issue? Or can you check if it's a separate issue?



Frequent Visitor

Hi @v-caitlyn-mstf,


I encounter the same in a few different tenants. Previously they could save a copy from the App, but not anymore. For one of my clients is a huge bug because users are using this feature a lot.


I tried this with only 1 user, and "Save a copy" is missing for me, the owner, and for her, the user, with 'Allow people to build content with the datasets on this app.' permissions.


Is there a workaround for this?

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Hey Team. Any update on this issue. We also have a lot of people in our org using this feature to save the report in their workspace to edit. Any workaround available for this? also by when will this be resolved? 

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I was told the engineering team knowingly decided to remove this feature from the new app experience preview due to the "low usage of this feature"


Not acceptable 

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Hi @v-caitlyn-mstf ,

Any update about this? Now that we cannot downgrade the new experience for Apps, this option is no more available.
This is one of the functionality that our customer use more.


We need an update, because the issue was opened in May.

Please let us know.


New Member

I also need this feature in my org!


Please at least allow us to step back to the old experience for the time being!

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My users need this feature of making copies (with filter selections) into their own workspaces. They really do need this. Please enable it again.