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Needed Help!!!

Hi, I have a question when I make this formula CEL 2 = SUM (TarjaLote [TotalNew]) * (SUM ('R 33' [PorPepa]) - [Quality Value]) * SUM ('R 33' [PorSinDefIn]) * ( SUM ('R 33' [Per Rooms]) + [Room Cut Value]) * (SUM ('R 33' [For Extra]) + SUM ('R 33' [PorLight])) gives me these values ​​2768.28,2459.12, 3291.13 and the total sum remains in Total 631509.42 How can I solve this formula.
I am working with a parameter that some values ​​must change


Sin título.png

Status: Needs Info


Please create the following measure and check if it returns your expected result.

Measure = IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(Table[Lote 1]))=1, [CEL 2],SUMX(VALUES(Table[Lote 1]),[CEL 2]))

If you still get wrong result, please share sample data of your tables here so that we can test.


Status changed to: Needs Info