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Need to Create an Exportable Multi-Row Summary Header

I need to be able to export a report that looks like this:



This report is built on table 3 visuals, upper left and right as header information and main data table.  But this cannot be exported.  To Excel you can only export 1 table at a  time,  To pdf, only the visible rows of the main table are exported showing a nonfunctional scroll bar.  I've tried several different techniques, using tables and matrices and none have provided the required result.


This is easily done in SAP WEBI, so I would hope it is not impossible in PBI.

Status: New
Community Support

hi  @JTucker 

To my knowledge, it couldn't achieve in power bi for now.

for your requirement, you submit your idea in here to make it coming soon.




Helper I

This is VERY disappointing. 

New Member

Experiencing the same issue in an attemp to change data types. Any solution ideas? It will be disappointing to loose all the done work