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NEW feature CALCULATED GROUPS is not working with ARC Gis Viewer in PowerBI

When using a model with the new feature "Calculation Groups", the Map Viewer is not showing the correct information,  the efect is that is not able to show any value in the map points.

This is the calculation group Feature 


A new model property visible in the Tabular Object Model (TOM) has been introduced, DiscourageImplicitMeasures. Currently, in order to create calculation groups this property must be set to true

Whe think that this is causing the ARCGis Map Viewer is not showing any values.

Status: New
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This is a BUG and important issue with corporate customer

Community Support

hi  @amurias 

For your case, it is new feature "Calculation Groups" and not sure it is bug or other problem,

i would suggest you submit a support ticket to get further help from power bi support team.


submit a support ticketsubmit a support ticket