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Missing Workspace in PowerBI Pro

We have encountered the following missing workspace issue and still cannot be resolved for one of our PowerBI pro user, 


  • We have create a PowerBI workspace WS_RDM with contributor access grant to Azure AD (AAD) group AZ_PowerBI_Group
  • Checked that (via azure portal AAD) the our user is a valid AAD user as member in AAD group AZ_PowerBI_Group
  • When the user login PowerBI ( in either Chrome or Edge,  there is NO results in workspaces (i.e. WS_RDM is not shown)
  • For some PowerBI Pro users,  they are also in the AAD group AZ_PowerBI_Group, we tried to open “an incognito browser window” in Chrome  and login again, the workspace WS_RDM appears and the problem solved, but not for that user

Please help. 

Many thanks!

Teresa Leung

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @tttleung ,

Could not reproduce it in my side. As far as my test, whether I create an Office 365 group or a security group in Azure AD, all members can see the workspaces when their groups have been added to the workspaces.


Potential reason could be a sync issue, refer this simliar issue: Adding AD security groups to PowerBI app workspace 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li