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Missing Data from Excel Import

I am having an issue where data from my Excel file is visible in the Power Query editor but it won't display properly in my report. I have data separated by type for each month-year for the last 15 years. All of the data is structured the exact same, but my report will not pull in data for the month of November 2011.


I don't have any filters in place that would restrict this month. I have attached a couple of photos showing the data in the power query editor but it not showing up on my line graph.


Any help would be appreciated.



Data from Excel.pngGraph.png

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Click 'Refresh' botton in power bi desktop to have a test.

Just from the screenshots we coouldn't find the problem.

if possible, could you please share your sample pbix file and datasource excel file for us have a test, that will be a great help.





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Hi Lin,


I had already tried to do that but that didn't work. I have tried some other work arounds from previous ideas posted here but nothing seemed to work.


Can you advise on how to share my pbix and xlsx files that I am using?

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