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Missing Background and buttons on Publish to Web



Today Iam experimenting issues with formatting on the Publish to Web option. Some buttons, background formatting and

logos missing from my reports. First image is from the Publish to Web and the second from the power bi service. The issue

is present for all my reports being published to web.



Status: Accepted

Hello Ryan-Gao,


what do you mean exactly with "recreate the report". I have a bunch of highly complex reports that are not that simple to recreate.


Hi Raymond

     I don't mean that ,you just reupload your report to the service again, giving a new link to the report ,it will be fine 


Gotcha, I have tried it and it worked although this probably "shouldnt" be the way how to handle this issue in the future. I am looking forward untill you can fix it. Thanks in advance Smiley Happy


Hi all,


The issue should be gone now. Please test again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 


Hi Qiuyun Yu,

thx for the info. I have tested it right now and it seems to be working fine Smiley Happy

Thank you guys for your support.

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I have an issue where I have a report designed with the desktop client.  It has a background image (transparency = 0, image fit = fit).  I publish it to a workspace and the background shows correctly when viewing the report from the workspace.  When I publish the app the background is not on the report in the App.  Any ideas?  I have older reports with the same background and they are fine in their published Apps.


My desktop client is:

Version: 2.63.3272.40262 64-bit (October, 2018)