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Microsoft Teams Groups creating Power BI Classic Apps

Currently when ever a group is created for teams it creates a Classic App in Power BI


This means Im having to wade though a great deal of unuseable App workspaces because I dont want to use classic apps and many teams groups dont need a Power BI Area.


So, can we stop this from happening? Also, I want to to declutter Power BI Service and at the moment Ive got no idea how to go about it. 

Its annoying everyone at the moment because there are just so many classic workspaces in the Service that no one needs

Status: New

Hi @DebbieE ,


In fact Teams does not create a Power BI workspace. Teams create a O365 group and Power BI use the O365 groups created (in the same way the group can be created for SPO, etc.)

To work around the issue, you can go to Power BI service side, upgrade this workspace to V2 version, then delete this new version group if you needn't. 




You can also vote on this same idea:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Power Participant

the problem is, Im not the one creating these groups. And the people who are making them dont have power BI Pro licenses so they arent likely to go in and add this as a part of the process. Because Im not admin I cant get rid of them.


Ahhh when I had a look I didnt find that one. i have added my vote