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Merge queries don't need to reprocess when just renaming the query

Hi there,


I've just notice that Merge Queries and Group By operations are recalculated in Query Editor when we rename them. 


Here is the idea: don't do it. The underlying data has not changed and the reprocess is both useless and time consuming. 




Armando Lacerda

Status: New


Do you rename query name or step name in Query Editor? How do you determine that the merge queries and group by operations are recalculated in Query Editor?



Frequent Visitor

Hi Lydia,


Yes, I renamed the query (left pane), not a step in the query settings (right pane). It was done in the 2018-07-12_7-25-05.pngQuery Editor window, but again it was the query name, not a step name.


I am working with a 615MB Excel file and loading it into Power BI. When I renamed the query yesterday it started reprocessing the query. You can see that by looking into the botom right of the Query Editor windows. It says "xxxMB from <file name> (CLICK HERE TO CANCEL)". The 5 yellow dots start going by at the top of the Query Editor as well.  


Thats how I can tell Power BI is reprocessing the query. 

I am still working on this project and as I write this email it is doing it again. This time around just because I changed a setting on the query. Like I said I did not change anything on the steps (transformation) so they way I see it Power BI should be reprocessing because there were no changes to steps themselves.