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Merge Columns


I'd be very grateful if someone could support me with this case. I'm new to this world.


I need to create a master table so I can relate to all the different tables.


I have many Excel files that I have loaded into Power BI. When I try to accumulate the IDs in one column, Excel explodes because it is so much information.


I want to do this process in PBI, where I can select the ID columns of each table and accumulate them in the master and then relate them.


I tried Merge Query and got different columns. I need it all in one column.


I also used Union but it tells me that it needs unique fields and that is what I want to create.


Thanks in advance for the support,

Garys Javier
Dominican Republic


Status: New
Community Support

Hi @gajf14


To create relationships in Power BI, you can take a look at this document

If it doesn't meet your requirements, please provide some sample data and clarify corresponding results. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu