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Measure format: Currency + auto decimal?

Hi All,


Struggling to undertand whats going on here. Cant see any logic so putting down to possible bug?


1. I have the measure 'Sales Online' which when i go to the new 'Relationships View' and select the measure, this is the default configuration:


Sales Online Currency Defauly.JPGDefault Configuration in New Relationships View


Note: Above you cannot see the field 'Currenct format


2. Now when i chnage the Format to 'Currency' i get the below, which is working good so far:



Sales Online Currency.JPGSelection on Format: 'Currency'


Note: Above youi now can see the field 'Currenct format, as we have selected the Format 'Currency. This makes sense.


3. The above is making the measure return as the below image shows:


Onlkine Data View.JPG


We want to remove the multiple values after the decimal point and reduce it to two Decimal Places.

To do this, we should change the above Decimal places from 'Auto' to '2', but this gives us odd behaviour.


Below image shows the outcome once i chnage 'Auto' to '2':


wird behavioutr.JPGAfter changing the Decimal Places to the value '2'


We can see that the Format now has moved from 'Currency' to 'General' as it was in its default configuration. However, it has kept the field 'Currency Format'




Status: Accepted

@Laz ,

I can reproduce this issue on my side, I have reported this issue internally: CRI 105795174, and I will post back once I get any updates.


Status changed to: Accepted

@Laz ,

A bug has been created to track it. Engineers will be working on a fix. 


Laz Member





Does this mean i found my first bug lol


Perfect, thanks for the updates Lydia.