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May 2019 Credentials problem

After the PBI Report Server update and Desktop update to May 2019 all of my newly posted reports getting data from MS SQL Server stopped working. They work fine in the Studio, once uploaded to the RBI Report Server, they raise this error:


"We couldn't connect to the Analysis Services server. Make sure you've entered the connection string correctly."


When I check the Data Source, it is fine, green arrow on option "As the user viewing the report"


Could you help me what might be the cause of trouble? Older reports published on the PBI Report Server still work fine. Same source of data, same credentials, same browser, same PBI Report Server...



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Hi @matejov


It looks like the issue happen to the paginated report in Power BI report server, right? 


Instead of check "As the user viewing the report" option for data source, please specify a valid windows account as the credential for the data source then click on Test Connection to ensure the connection is successful. Run the report again to check if the same issue occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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the problem is with Power BI reports. The connection to data source of the Power BI Report works fine but when I open the report, I got this message.


It happens after the May update...


Thanks for helping me.







Community Support

Hi @matejov


In Data Sources tab, please select the "Use the following credential" option then type valid windows account, test the connection and ensure it's successful. Then save the change, run report again to see if the issue occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi @matejov,
I am having the same problem with May 2019 version.  When I revert back to Jan 2019 desktop software, deployments to May 2019 PBI report server work fine again.
I've created a forum post here describing my issue, but no one has commented yet:

I also found another forum post here with a similar issue, and am waiting for the OP to respond and confirm if their issue is similar to my described issue.


Either way, it seems like something changed in either the May 2019 report server, or the corresponding May 2019 desktop edition.

@v-qiuyu-msft - when hardcoding credentials the reports start to work again, which originally lead me to think it's a double-hop authentication problem related to passing user credentials from SSRS to the back-end SQL instance. However the server is configured properly for this and works if I revert back to Jan 2019 desktop edition and deploy the same report to the May 2019 report server. 
Also, what is more confusing - and I mentioned it in my post linked above - is that if the report was created in January 2019 desktop but updated, edited, and then deployed from May 2019 edition of the desktop software, it will work as expected.  Only if the report is created in May 2019 edition does this error occur -- at least in my testing.