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Matrix visual not aggregating data when empty values in the row

Hello Power BI community!

I've encountered an issue with the matrix visual: It doesn't aggregate data correctly and displays unnecessary empty cells.
Possible cause or correlation can be, I have a variable with empty values in the rows. But I am not sure.

My setup: several variable used as rows, one column variable, one value variable



In case there are values for all three rows variables: values data are correctly aggregated.
But in case there is no value for "Last Resolved Month" for a combination of other two variables, values are not aggregated and are split into several rows as shown below:


It doesn't matter if I use stepped layout or not.

Could you please advise, if I am doing something wrong or fix this issue?

Thank you!

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Hi @Anonymous,


Do you mean the red section rows should be aggregated in one row? 


Please share a sample pbix file which can reproduce the issue with us. You can upload to your OneDrive and send link to me in private message. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Good afternoon, I would like to ask you a question about matrix. When I create a matrix, the columns are shown in an order by default. I would like to know if there is an option to change the order of columns. Thanks for your soon reply.