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Matrix visual doesn't show data ANYMORE if there is not field in the columns.

We have a report in PBI service containing lots of matrixes. The report uses SSAS live connection as a source

They have fields in the rows, no fields in the colums and ofcourse some values.


If I download the report and open it in PBI desktop (Version: 2.51.4885.701 64-bit (October 2017)) the report works fine.


They worked fine last thursday. Today I get a complaint of the enduser that the report doesn't show data anymore!

I only get the matrix working if I add a field of the columns. 


Has there been an update on the matrix visual? Please fix!


Status: Accepted

It appears that this bug has resurfaced in the PowerBI Service as of 3/27/18.  I am not able to see data using the Matrix in the service for certain filters (but not all).  Please help!

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Hi @laurajj419


I've checked my reports and don't see any errors (yet) on my reports.

If you can see some data for some filters, it might not be due to the visual but due to the data..