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Matrix not shows all data when it has a lot of columns


I'm using a matrix to show the capacity of resources from Nav 2015 for all days in a year.


If I filter some months, the data shows properly, (from january to december, not all) but when I try to show more than four months at the same time, the bottom scrollbar only allows me to scroll until may or april, hiding the rest of data that must be shown.


I think this is a bug in the matrix because of I can see the hidden data when I put filters to get fewer columns.


Thanks in advance.

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How many columns do you have in the matrix visual? Did you see following warning message in the upper left corner of the matrix visual? It will remind you to filter the data when it cannot show all the columns.


Matrix not shows all data when it has a lot of columns_1.jpg


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You are totally right, the matrix shows the tiny info icon that I missed enterely.

Anyway it is a great problem as with this limitation I cannot show more than four months data.

Thanks a lot for you info, I'm a newcomer in Power BI, still testing options and comparing it with other solutions where I can have matrix whatever size I need. I like Power BI a lot, but I think this limitation is a great problem, at least for my organization.

I'm goint to search for an idea to vote it or to post a new one with this issue.

Thanks for your help.

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When I do

>>right click on a matrix element > See Records 

I do not see all the columns I need.

I also do not get a warning of any sort as described  by v-haibl-msft Super Contributor
‎05-09-2017 07:31 AM.


If I reveal the various data sets and fields that pertain, I can see that the extra columns I need are available but are not checked.

If I check these columns, they appear in the detailed report.

If I save the report, something saves.

If I repeat the entire operation, the columns do not show up again.

As it stands, this is a major limitation as we need to see all the columns.

In this case, my data set would need to reveal 3 rows with 14 cols. 


If someone could help explain this outcome I'd be grateful. If they could provide a solution, even better ! 





many thanks