Matrix Word Wrap Issue in Embedded

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by bvach Frequent Visitor on ‎10-29-2018 01:58 PM


I am having an issue since the last update where my Matrix tables have extra scroll bars when they are published to power BI embedded. Word Wrap is enabled in Column headers, Row headers and Values. 2 of the three vertical scroll bars shouldn't exist, they do the same scrolling. Since wrapping is ON the horizontal scrolling for the Row and the values of the table should not exist either, just one scroll bar if not all columns are shown.

Matrix Issue.PNG



Status: Accepted
by Entresting Visitor
on ‎02-21-2019 04:59 AM

Hello @v-qiuyu-msft - do you know if this fix was not included in the On-Premises Power BI Report Server January 2019 update? Currently situation is that my Report Server is running January 2019 version, Firefox is version 65.0.1 and layout.css.scrollbar-width.enabled is already enabled by Default in about:config, yet the issue still persists. Is it possible to provide a hotfix for the on-prem server?

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