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Matrix Visual - Not getting refreshed on Power BI Service


  • Interaction with Slicers is not working for a specific view created via Matrix visual
  • If we refresh the browser page then the heat map view is getting updated based on the applied filters
  • We have used the Matrix visual to build the view


Analysis Performed

  • We have validated the behavior in Power BI Desktop .pbix version and observed that the interaction of this visual with filters is working well
  • We reviewed the earlier published test versions of this report and observed the same issue in those versions as well (which were working well earlier)
  • We tried publishing the report in separate workspaces and observed same behavior
Status: New
Community Support



I tried the latest version to publish a report and it seems to work fine for me.

Regular Visitor


Even  i am also using the latest version of Power BI Desktop. Things were working fine till day before yesterday and since yesterday we are observing this unexpected behaviour.


Version: 2.91.884.0 64-bit (March 2021)

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We have raised this issue with Microsoft support and it is identified as bug in the system and would be fixed in early-mid may.

New Member

Matrix visual in  workbook behaves well in the workbook but when is published doesn't refresh correctly. I have tried different browsers and again same issue and different workaround but still persist.


Definetely it's a problem with this visual because when I use other visual  this issue don't come out. 


It looks like this visual has had different issues since 2017 (as long as I know).