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Matrix Conditional formatting not working in Power BI Embedded

I have a Power BI report which is published into Power BI Service and is embedded into a web application using Power BI embedded. I added a Matrix visual in my report and to highlight few values, I have used conditional formatting to set the background color and the font color based on two set of rules. The conditional formatting is working fine in Power BI Desktop but when the PBIX file is published onto Power BI service, the background color specific conditional formatting is not working whereas the font color specific conditional formatting is working fine without any issues. I tried icons conditional formatting as well and even that is not working. I am using DirectQuery to connect to an Azure SQL database from Power BI report. This looks like a bug. Can you please help with this issue of if there is a workaround to this issue?

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I use DirectQuery to connect to SQL database create a simple Power BI report, and use two set of rules to conditional formatting, then I publish it to power bi service, it works well.


I do not have  Azure SQL database, if you could use import have a try, and also make sure your power bi desktop is latest version.