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Map Visualization Not Working



I'm running into an issue when mapping my company's employee info using the map visual. Employees with zip codes that start with zero do not show up on the map. All other zip codes appear fine. I have double checked that the column is being interpreted by Power BI as a text value and not a number. In fact, when I put the zip codes in a table, the leading zeroes are there. My guess is the map is deleting the leading zeroes somehow which is resulting in those zip codes not being rendered on the map.


Here are two examples of data from RI (where all the zip codes start with 0) and WI:



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Hi @mshaar,


Based on my test in Power BI desktop version 2.56.5023.1021 64-bit (March 2018), the zip code start with 0 can be plotted fine in map visual.


In your scenario, please set the data category for the zip code column as Postal Code. Also please update the Power BI desktop to the same version as ours then test again. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi Qiuyun,


Thank you for getting back to me. The database I'm pulling this geogrpahic info from is an on-premises database. I am using direct query through an on-premises gateway to ensure data is up to date when users see the report online. Direct query does not allow you to change data types. The properties section under the modelling tab is greyed out in my report. Isn't there a way to plot zip codes with leading zeroes without sacrificing direct query? It's a lot more efficient than import.