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Many Problem publish or updating App

PowerBI has been having problems all day:

  1. When I try to update an app, i set the users who need to access it, public and everything is successful. If I go back to the page to update the app, however, I see that not all the previously entered authorized accounts have been lost;
  2. Using Chrome, it is no longer possible to add users in the security groups of a dataset, I can delete them but not add them.
Status: Accepted

Hi @gabriele,


1. Please check if the these users disappears from Access list are already members of the app workspace. If it is, this is by design. For more information, please refer to this thread:


2. It's a known issue. You can keep an eye on the status of this issue in Support site: 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Status changed to: Accepted

Hi, Thanks!