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Make "Need Help, Chat Now" moveable

The recently added "Need Help, Chat Now" blob in the bottom-right of the Power BI Web Service is blocking elements of the UI and cannot be moved out of the way. For example, one cannot share a dashboard because the share button is blocked by the blob. Please switch the function off or make the blob and chat window moveable.

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New Member

YEs, I can confirm I am also having the same issue. I need to share my report, and cannot even connect to "live help" using the box! 


This is a time sensetive request. Please address.


Thnak you. 

Frequent Visitor

I am also having issues with the tool blocking features of the user interface. I could not save a name change to a report in my workspace because the save button was blocked by the "Need Help? Chat Now?"  


At the moment, I cannot view some of the filters that are in the lower right filter pane because of the box. 


There should be an option to move or toggle on/off the chat.